Hallettsville TX and a visit with Heather

May 23, 2019 to May 28, 2019


Knights of Columbus RV Park
Hallettsville, TX

Hallettsville is a little south of Schulenberg, although probably not that many more people will know where that town is located either. There is a very rich history in central and south Texas, and this part of the country is where the Germans, Czechs, and Austrians settled. The area is also home to ElizaBeth’s youngest daughter and her husband Jose. We stayed over Memorial Day at the Knights of Columbus RV Park, and as so many places have been already, the park was an accidental great find.

Heather and Jose live out in the country, and one night was for grilling steaks. There is a beautiful ranch just across the road Heather’s and there were several other large Santa Gertrudis breeders in the area. Hallettsville also has a great butcher shop, ironically named Glen’s Meat Market. Jose’s dog was pretty interested in ribeyes.

We usually get by to see the courthouse – and of course, we have to try the local food.

We went to Schulenburg to see the painted churches but couldn’t get in because it was Memorial Day. We had breakfast at Oakridge and bought flavored pecans at Potters.

The Hallettsville Knights of Columbus had a great picnic for Memorial Day, and it turned out to be a great place to stay!

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