Green River UT, Canyonlands and Castle Country

July 28, 2021 to
July 31, 2021


KOA Journey
Green River, UT

Green River was our first stop in Utah, we added another state to our map. This was sort of a “who knew” stop.

We thought the drive was beautiful, but this one went through Moab and was really scenic. We stayed at another KOA Journey, and it was also very nice.

As soon as we got settled in, we went to Tamarisk for date lunch. The restaurant was right on the Green River, a tributary of the Colorado River, and was excellent.

The John Wesley Powell River History Museum was our museum this stop, there is a Hall of Fame dedicated to the folks who explored and floated the Green and Colorado Rivers.

Once again, the K9s were able to play in a large dog park!

We were here three days, and ate at just about all the restaurants. We had meals at La Veracruzana and West Winds.

Once again, we brought rain!

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