Goodrich TX, with Lesley and old friends while looking for the wayward turkey

October 08, 2019 to
December 12, 2019


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

Goodrich is something of our base, it was the first place we really parked for any length of time. We got to know the people and like everyone, especially Lesley, the owner. We were joined by a Swainson’s hawk.

We asked about the turkey, who went missing along with several felines, and we were told she’s been awol for a while. We were able to get our favorite spot and wasted no time in getting setup. We made it back to J&M Meat Market.

Elizabeth chided me about getting out and seeing some places, so we took trips to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville, the Heritage Village in Woodville, and the Polk County Memorial Museum. I put a few pictures here of all three and made separate pages with the Sam Houston Museum pictures and the Heritage Village trip because there was so much to see.

The Polk County Memorial Museum is also next to Locomotive #5 that hauled lumber from 1911 to 1952.

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