Goodrich TX, Lesley, and not quite … Back on the Road Again

March 11, 2020 to
May 12, 2020


Magnolia RV Park
Goodrich, TX

I completed radiation treatment on March 10 and while I have said before I’m not writing about the details of treatment, I will say that the next to last session was particularly rough. Then, the final radiation therapy was easy. We hired a firm to relocate the RV to Goodrich on the 11th on the next day. If you’re interested in why I prefer not to write about the treatment…

…it’s because there are zillion books detailing other people’s experiences with cancer and recovery. Treatment is nearly always one or two steps forward with others going backward, and I made a decision early on to focus just on the positive. All that said, this is not a cancer blog. This has been a detour.

About the time we were leaving Houston, the Corona Virus really started accelerating in its spread. I will stick with calling it COVID, it’s neither a beer virus nor a Chinese disease. In any event, we are here at Lesley’s Magnolia Park where we can isolate.

What with the isolation, we don’t have a lot of pictures. We do get several loops a day walking, ElizaBeth checks the mail, does laundry and runs to Walmart weekly. On Sunday we go get a newspaper. I’d be lost without her.

We do try to keep up the yard, the ground is so hard from 100 years of RVs driving across it that we bought a pot and filled it with our dirt to hold the LED butterflies. I had a garden flag for Easter that I replaced with one that read “Welcome Spring.”

There isn’t normally a lot of hail this far south, but supposedly there was a “big storm” on the way. We gambled that the risk of hail damage was greater than a tree limb falling and almost lost our bet.

There are always the dogs – so entertaining and such good little guys and girls.

We did make a side trip to M. D. Anderson for a preliminary MRI, the results showed some tumor shrinkage but it is still early to be conclusive. Elizabeth did get to enjoy a tub for two days, and the puppies stayed at Area Wide vet.

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