Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country

April 16 to April 18, 2019


Fredericksburg KOA
Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg was a waypoint on the pilgrimage to Livingston, TX, home of the Escapees RV Club. People have asked how we get packages, and the Escapees offers a service that we subscribe to.

Part of the fun with traveling in the RV, however, is the journey. We left Van Horn and took our time, and arrived in Fredericksburg in mid-afternoon. This is certainly a learning experience with every stop, and in this case, we were right under a large oak, which didn’t stop me from trying to set up the satellite dish since trees taller than 4 feet at campsites are a relatively new item. It never occurred to me that the limbs were in the line-of-sight until the DISH screen told me so. Not very politely, either.

The Fredericksburg KOA was advertised as being the home of Klementine and Klarabelle. We took the dogs out and went looking, and along the way, we saw a chicken and a few squirrels.

We always like to see the historical sites, and we toured Fort Martin Scott and the adjacent Texas Ranger Memorial.

Scott Eschenbrenner said we had to eat bar-b-que, and interestingly, Mac’s Barbecue had my favorite, green chile macaroni and cheese. We then settled in for what was supposed to be threatening weather but turned out to be no more than heavy rain. Elizabeth stayed up and comforted the puppies while I slept through the storm.

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