Effingham IL

August 14 2022 to
August 17, 2022


Camp Lakewood RV Park
Effingham IL

We stayed at Camp Lakewood in Effingham IL, a nice little out of the way place on Lake Pauline.

Ww saw many of the world’s largest items in Casey: wind chime, rocking chair, pitchfork, golf tee, yardstick, dutch wooden shoes, mailbox, pencil ruler, and birdcage

Meals were at the Gabby Goat, Niemerg’s Steakhouse, and we grilled salmon one night. We ate at Richards Farm Restaurant on the day we went to Casey, the place is decked out like a barn with lots of little decorations.

The My Garage Museum had Corvette and Volkswagen paraphernalia on display and was pretty cool, there were also plenty of cars. The place was devoted to all things Corvette and VW.

These are the pictures from the drive to town and the RV park.

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