Eagle’s Nest NM and the Moreno Valley

June 25, 2019 to June 28, 2019


Golden Eagle RV Park
Eagle’s Nest, NM

We left Santa Fe and took the low road to Taos, Elizabeth liked that route better until those last few miles from Taos into the Moreno Valley.

I think the “low road” into Taos is one of the prettiest in the state of New Mexico.

Our very first chore was to eat, and the campground has a great restaurant. Green chile cheeseburger time!! Then I took Elizabeth over to Monte Verde Lake in Angelfire, so I could show her where Wesley caught crawdads. Interestingly, Facebook told me the next day that it had been two years.

Somebody tore the stuffing out of a toy, the piece of cotton above Sugar’s eye was a dead giveaway as to who the culprit was. She felt bad.

On our first full day, we walked the town. Of course, it isn’t a big town by any means. We had to get fudge and stop in the fly-fishing tackle shop

We made time to tour the Vietnam Memorial, halfway between Angelfire and Eagle’s Nest.

We drove over to Red River on the next day. Ssshhh! – don’t tell – we got some slingshots for grandkids.

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