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When we were in Bullard TX, we went to Tyler to eat at Texas Music City – and our Jeep was “ducked” by the 903 Jeep Club. It seems that we couldn’t find a Jeep to share the fun with after that, but we finally located one in Atlanta TX. I snuck up on the target in the Walmart parking lot, no one was around so I put our duck on their door handle – and the owner was watching me from the front, about ready to call the local Police. We had so much fun we bought ducks and tags to leave on other Jeeps as we travel.

We’re going to leave the link to this page with our ducks, if you are ducked and send us your picture, I’ll post it alongside ours. Please leave a comment, then email the picture to glen at and we will post yours and where you shared the fun.

It seems like Lowe’s is duck headquarters. This Rubicom parked next to me on November 18, 2023., and ducked us. We had gotten two Lincoln ducks in Illinois, so gave him one.

This gentleman caught me ducking his Jeep at Lowe’s in Denton.

We ducked this Jeep in the Kroger parking lot on University, the driver is a TWU student.

I ducked a Jeep in the campground in Lawrence, and another at the Arabia Steamboat Museum. We were paid back at the KOA!

I found Jeeps to duck at Marlin’s and in the KOA in Bismarck ND, August 2023. Both parked next to us, so were too tempting.

I was surprised to find a duck from Gail on my Jeep at Lowe’s in Champaign IL (2023)!! And then, I was ducked again in the campground!!

I ducked a Jeep at the D&W campground in Illinois, August 2023.

This Jeep was ducked at the USAF National Museum, July 2023.

This Jeep was ducked at Springfield OH July 2023 in the Skylake Campground. There was an class A RV next door with this duck on the dash.

We ducked a Jeep at Clara’s wedding (July 23, 2023).

We went ducking crazy in New Tazewell. We introduced our neighbors to ducking they were great. That’s a real duck under the Jeep at Mike’s.

When we went to Walmart, there was a rally starting out – so we gave out three ducks. Then the next day, we gave a duck to folks we parked next to.

The owner at Duck Creek RV in Paducah gave me two ducks when I checked in (July 12, 2023)!

July 11, 2023 – KOA Eureka – I wanted to duck a Jeep before we left, and found three in the park, but only one with ducks. I realized that I had better start dating these posts, too!

We were in the Walmart in Eureka – where we had ducked a Jep several years before, so I couldn’t resist a nice, doorless Jeep with ducks.

The Duck Exchange and JeepinforaCure: I was meeting Ben for breakfast at The Big Biscuit in Springfield MO, and noticed two Jeeps parked side x side in the parking lot. Since all three of us Jeepsters were waiting for the restaurant to open, and since both of their Jeep dashboards were lined with ducks, I took two cowboy ducks over and was met with two quackers for my dashboard in return. Then they invited me to their Jeep-in-for-a-Cure, which I’m up for as a cancer survivor, although we won’t be here!

Duck #122 (renumbered)

ElizaBeth ducked a jeep at the bookstore at NMSU.
Las Cruces, NM

Duck #112 (renumbered)
Fredericksburg TX
Main Street

Duck #111 (renumbered)
La Grange TX
Tractor Supply

I ducked a Jeep going into Tractor Supply, and was ducked when I came back out! The new addition is the Dr. Seuss duck in the far left in the picture.

We were in Denton for the winter, and I was ducked twice. The first time I was in Lowe’s. This jeep parked next to me, and then put one on my door..

The second was at TAPPA at the Embassy Suites.

Duck #160
Lincoln NE
Airport cell phone lot

I was parked next to a Jeep – so couldn’t resist.

Duck #159
Wichita KS
Air Capital RV

We were parked right next to this nice lady, she was playing fetch with her lab and brought a tear to my eye, thinking of Izzy!

Duck #158
Denton TX

This was courtesy of Lilly!

Duck #157
Goodrich TX
Magnolia RV

It was nice to see these folks at the park, they are next to us frequently. We just handed them their duck – and were rewared to be ducked when they left!

Granddaughter Lily is in the act!

Duck #156
Hutto TX
Redbud RV Resorts

We heard from Gary C, who emailed with pictures – “Thanks guys!! Love me some ducks!!”

Duck #155
Springfield MO
Shell station

We went to get some drinks, and saw this jeep. The cashier said it was the manager’s so we left a duck!

Duck #154
Rolla MO
Doolittle Acres

The owner had a jeep, so ElizaBeth did duck #154 real quickly and I put it on!

Duck #153
Effingham IL
Camp Lakewood

This couple was sitting outside, so Izzy and I handed them one.

Duck #152b
Effingham IL

As we were leaving and putting the cart back, I spied a jeep with ducks. The driver told me it was her daughters jeep, they had switched.

Duck #152a
Effingham IL
The Gabby Goat

We parked next to this red jeep, and they had already just been ducked! I added ours.

Duck #151
Anderson IN

As were driving around, we saw a jeep with the top down and many ducks – so I stopped and added one.

Duck #150
Indianapolis IN
KOA Holiday

This couple had just come in the park and were setting up as I was going out – so I tossed a duck in their Jeep while they laughed and thanked me!

Duck #149
Indianapolis IN

Duck #148
Indianapolis IN
KOA West Holiday

These folks were outside, so I handed them a duck. They had Starlink so I learned a little more.

Duck #147
Cloverdale IN
Route 66 KOA

I was getting gas in Cloverdale IA, and another RV’er pulled up. I told them their Jeep needed another duck!

Ducks #145 and #146
Eureka MO
Route 66 KOA

I heard from Jeff R – “Thank you for duck # 145 in Eureka MO. You made our day..” And then – he “sharked” me! I got him back with a painted rock.

Ducks #143 and #144
Eureka MO
Route 66 KOA

Duck #142
St. Louis MO

Duck #141
Sioux City IA
Floyd Road Walmart

Duck #140
Sioux City IA
Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center

Ducks #138 and #139
Salina KS
KOA – I had a chance to do a “double duck.”

Duck #137
Salina KS
Walmart – this was a brand new Jeep!!

Duck #136
Ankeny IA
Prairie Flower Campground

Duck #135
Wolcott, IN

Duck #134
Louisville, KY
Cattleman’s Roadhouse

Duck #133
Louisville, KY

Duck #132
Louisville, KY
KOA Journey

Duck #131
Middlesboro, KY
Cracker Barrel

We also saw a red Jeep in the park, so Pepper and I ducked it on a walk.

Duck #124
Nashville, TN
Elm Hill RV Resort

After we parked at Elm Hill RV Resort in Nashville, a Jeep with ducks on the dash was parked two spaces over – so I introduced myself with our new FireDuck.

Duck #123
Nashville, TN
Elm Hill RV Resort

As we were going in Raffertys in Memphis, we noticed a Jeep next to us that displaying ducks. We were getting ready to leave a duck, when the driver walked out.

Duck #130
Memphis, TN
Catherine’s Landing

Duck #129
Hot Springs, AR
Catherine’s Landing

We heard from Sandra B who found little # 128 and wrote “I may need to get him a booster seat so he can see better” –

Duck #128
Hot Springs, AR
Catherine’s Landing

Duck #127
Honey Grove, TX
Hidden Grove RV Resort

Duck #126 on Hedwig was found!!

Duck #126
Crossroads, TX

We went to dinner with Nick, Julia, Seth and Lily – and spotted a Jeep in the parking lot of Miguelitos. Seth and Lily did the honors!

Duck #125
Krum, TX

We were ducked in the Whataburger in Athens by Della!

Duck #122
Athens, TX
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

Duck #121
Athens, TX
Lake Athens RV Park

Duck #120
La Grange, TX

I was busted putting this one on the jeep, the owner came running out – and then yelled “thank you!”

Duck #119
La Grange, TX
Ere’s Italian Restaurant and Hart Land Real Estate

I couldn’t pass up the horned frog license plate.

Duck #118
Livingston, TX

Duck #117
Livingston, TX
El Patron

Duck #116
Livingston, TX
Discount Tire

Duck #115
Livingston, TX

Duck #114
Goodrich, TX
J&M Meats

Duck #113
Goodrich, TX
Charlie’s Restaurant

Duck #112
Livingston, TX

Duck #111
Livingston, TX

Since then, we’ve been ducked with Rosie the Riveter duck, and I was ducked at Crossroads Walmart and at Bradshaw Periodontics.

Duck #110
Provo, UT

The driver came out right as we were leaving!

Duck #108 and #109
Cortez, NM

Our neighbors were nice folks we visited with, and we left #108 on their running board. However, she didn’t see the duck and drove off with it. We watched her drive off and went to the store later, but as near as we can tell, it didn’t fall off in the park. I gave her #109 in person.

Duck #107
Kearney, NE

Duck #106
Osage Beach (Lake of the Ozarks), MO
Love to Sew

Duck #105
Linn Creek, MO

Duck #104
Eureka, MO
Highway 66 KOA

I was busted placing this duck when the owner came out of their trailer suddenly, she and I had a good laugh.

Duck #103
Cape Girardeau, MO
Landing Point RV

I was able to trade ducks with the Lori at Landing Point RV.

Duck #102
Jonesboro, AR
Skecher’s \ Highland and Red Wolf

Duck #101
Jonesboro, AR
Godsey’s Grill

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  1. My jeep was the one “ducked at the Linn Creek walmart. I still have the duck and plan on “ducking” a friend of ours.

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