Duck Duck Jeep

When we were in Bullard TX, we went to Tyler to eat at Texas Music City – and our Jeep was “ducked” by the 903 Jeep Club. It seems that we couldn’t find a Jeep to share the fun with after that, but we finally located one in Atlanta TX. I snuck up on the target in the Walmart parking lot, no one was around so I put our duck on their door handle – and the owner was watching me from the front, about ready to call the Police. We had so much fun we bought ducks and tags to leave on other Jeeps as we travel.

We’re going to leave the link to this page with our ducks, if you are ducked and send us your picture, I’ll post it alongside ours. Please leave a comment, then email the picture to glen at and we will post yours and where you shared the fun.

Duck #101
Jonesboro, AR
Godsey’s Grill

Duck #102
Jonesboro, AR
Skecher’s \ Highland and Red Wolf

Duck #103
Cape Girardeau, MO
Landing Point RV

I was able to trade ducks with the Lori at Landing Point RV.

Duck #104
Eureka, MO
Highway 66 KOA

I was busted placing this duck when the owner came out of their trailer suddenly, she and I had a good laugh.

Duck #105
Linn Creek, MO

Duck #106
Osage Beach (Lake of the Ozarks), MO
Love to Sew

Duck #107
Kearney, NE

Duck #108 and #109
Cortez, NM

Our neighbors were nice folks we visited with, and we left #108 on their running board. However, she didn’t see the duck and drove off with it. We watched her drive off and went to the store later, but as near as we can tell, it didn’t fall off in the park. I gave her #109 in person.

Duck #110
Provo, UT

The driver came out right as we were leaving!

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  1. My jeep was the one “ducked at the Linn Creek walmart. I still have the duck and plan on “ducking” a friend of ours.

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