Dillon MT and the Beaverhead River

August 08, 2021 to
August 11, 2021


Beaverhead RV
Dillon, MT

We get to add Montana to our map of states visited, these will be all of the additions in 2021. We list counties in Texas and New Mexico, and we’ve added quite a few in both states as well.

This is beautiful country, these pictures are from the drive in and of Clark Canyon Reservoir.

Date meals were lunch at Mac’s Last Cast Sports Bar, breakfast at 4Bs, and a great steak for dinner at The Den. For the price, it should have been! We also bought a steak that I grilled while ElizaBeth fixed her chicken.

We went to the Beaverhead County Museum, Elizabeth and I thought the birds of Montana exhibit was great. The Lewis Clark diorama was pretty neat too, as was the Sheepherder’s wagon.

We also went to the Firefighters Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The park had a great dog play area, but we only went once because Izzy has a pulled cruciate ligament. She’s taking some painkiller and joint medicine, and is getting better – but there are no ball games for a while. She picked up rocks at Lima and along the Beaverhead River and threw them at me, we bought her a new bed thats he loves. There were also quite a few of my favorite blue pine trees in the park, and the river ran through the back – and I was able to go fishing. I also went to Frontier Anglers and purchased a new rod and reel, but didn’t get a bite.

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