Cortez CO and Mesa Verde National Park

July 24, 2021 to
July 26, 2021


KOA Journey
Cortez, CO

Mesa Verde was added almost by accident, we went a little out of the way going up through Colorado.

The drive in was beautiful, and was just the beginning some great scenery. We stayed at the KOA Journey, and it was very nice. Lunch was at the Main Street Brewery and Restaurant.

We were there for two days, and went to Mesa Verde National Park on the second day.

After touring the park, we went to a very good lunch – ribeye at Shiloh Steak House. We also stopped by the Flume Restoration Project.

The K9s had a great time at the dog park. Our neighbors Josh and Susanna drove a jeep, and we placed a duck on it. She drove off with it on the running board and we never found it! We gave them another.

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