Comfort TX – A Little Bit of Nostalgia

October 10, 2020 to
October 12, 2020


Comfort, TX

Many years ago, my uncle took my brother and me camping in Comfort TX, and I have never been back. The little town was at a convenient place on the route, and Elizabeth can always find something for us to go see.

We started with a drive through the restored historic district, and then went to the German-American Treue der Union Monument (Loyalty to the Union). According to Wikipedia, the monument “commemorates the German-Texans who died at the 1862 Nueces massacre. Thirty-four were killed, some executed after being taken prisoner, for refusing to sign loyalty oaths to the Confederacy. With the exception of those drowned in the Rio Grande, the remains of the deceased are buried at the site of the monument. This monument was the first authorized to fly the Star-Spangled Banner at half-mast in perpetuity. It was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1978.”

The old high school – which is now the middle school – and a church are across from the gravesite.

Then we decided to go to Old Tunnel State Park, and that led to the discovery of Alamo Springs and James Kiehl River Bend Park.

When we were in Schulenburg, we had picked up Wagyu steaks from Walhalla Meat Market, and then after dinner we took everyone for a walk. We’ve decided that dog parks are important to the puppies, they really enjoy getting out.

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