Colorado Landing, La Grange TX and the deer

May 1, 2023 to
May 8, 2023


Colorado Landing
La Grange TX

We moved over from the Brazos River Valley to the Colorado River Valley, to one of our special places, Colorado Landing.

The k9s were a little slow getting adjusted but as always were hams.

ElizaBeth noticed our rear tire was low as we were backing in. Jonathan saved us, he was great.

We went to the quilt shop in Giddings and then ate at the steakhouse on our first day.

We had never been to the Fayette Heritage Museum, it was in the library and was good but small. However, they recommended we go to the Burton Cotton Gin.

The Burton Cotton Gin was 20 miles away and was fantastic, with it’s Bessemer Type IV engine.

Other dining was at Hank’s Express, Ere’s Italian, and the Back Porch, all local and in our favorites list. None disappointed. We also grilled quite a bit and went to Legacy meats for my special ribeye cut, they now have Gyulais, a cross between Wagyu and Charlois.

We didn’t see the deer at first, so the park owner threw out a little corn around our trailer – and that changed things.

It was Mother’s Day, and I managed to pick up a few things, Pioneer Woman themed, of course. Then I found out Mother’s Day was next week.

ElizaBeth took an afternoon to go to the Texas Quilt Museum while I baby sat with the k9s. I hid a rock in the dog park. We also enjoyed the pool while we there.

We finally made it the La Grange M-K-T Depot Museum.

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