Colorado Landing, Colorado River, and La Grange TX

August 31, 2020 to
September 07, 2020


Colorado Landing
La Grange, TX

I included the rivers on the map because the next two stops are by the Colorado and Brazos Rivers. This was such a nice park we made reservations to come back at Thanksgiving.

Colorado Landing has the largest dog park we’ve seen. Izzy is pretty good about playing off-leash but Sugar and Pepper aren’t, and the dog play area makes the trip more fun for all.

We were close to Hallettsville, TX, and Heather – so naturally there were some trips to see Jesus Daniel. ElizaBeth made that quilt.

We were so excited that Stephanie and Julia stopped in on the way to see Heather, and Julia baked my favorite cookies.

There were lots of deer at the RV Park, and they were pretty used to campers. The deer would be grazing in the mornings be right by the door.

We found the Walhalla Valley Market and got started on Wagyu beef. The ribeye was $54 per pound but sure was good!

We always go see the county courthouse, and this was easily our favorite so far. Every old courthouse has to address conditioning and storage, and we’ve even seen annexes constructed. We learned that this one was designed by James Riely Gordon, a notable architect. The stones around the perimeter of the square told the history.

We wanted to go see the Railroad Museum, but it was closed. There was a good Mexican food place close to the park, Las Fuentes. We made a separate page for the side trips to New Ulm and Roundtop.

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