College Station and the G.H.W. Bush Presidential Library Center

Our bucket list – and it’s long – has had the Presidential libraries on it for a while. We have seen Clinton’s library together, and we wanted to see the G.H.W. Bush Presidential Library Center in College Station while we were in Livingston. The detour got in the way a little bit, but we thought we might get a weekend off before treatments started. However, since College Station is 90 minutes away, we had to find a way to take care of Sugar, Izzy, and little Pepper.

There is a “cage-free” great facility close by, Camp Run-A-Mutt. Because all the dogs run free, the staff has to make sure that the dogs are sociable. Little Pepper is a little lacking in that regard and took a little training. The owners were so great, helping him get used to the place, and now he loves it.

On the way, we found one of those little barbecue places you run across out in the country. Metal chicken and animal heads are always good signs, and the food was good.

Next, we booked a suite at the Stella Hotel in College Station. The first order of business was a long, drawn-out bath for ElizaBeth and shower-till-you-crinkle for me. Then it was off to date night at Outback with a detour by a quilt shop.

We started with touring the grounds, the Bush gravesite is on the site.

The museum – well, there are no words to describe it really, the place is impressive. We were in awe of the humility and sense of history on display.

We both had to recharge our phone batteries from taking so many pictures and of course we picked up our customary refrigerator magnets and pins.

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