Christmas 2020, visits from Santa Claus and some of the family

I’m a firm believer that “wanting what you have” is the key to happiness, and if 2019 wasn’t the Christmas we planned, we had each other and that’s most important of all. Julia and Stephanie came down from north Texas and we went to Rain Forest Cafe, and we met Heather and Jose in Rosenburg at the Ol’ Rail Road Cafe.

In between, we made sure to take pictures of Christmas trees and decorations when we could, we made use of date lunch and date dinners. Santa Claus brought me a portable DVD player, a regular DVD player, the TV series China Beach videos, and some clothes. One of the residents at Magnolia RV Park makes leaded glass pieces and I got one for ElizaBeth as well as an InstaPot.

We had steak and black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day, and little Cornish hens for Christmas. And, we found some jalapeno poppers at Aldi as a treat for me.

Heather, Jose, ElizaBeth and I went to the Rosenburg Railroad Museum in Rosenburg after lunch, we put together a museum page on the railroad museum because it was so cool.

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