Cheyenne WY and Labor Day 2021

September 3, 2021 to
September 7, 2021


Cheyenne KOA Journey
Cheyenne WY

We had stayed at Cheyenne KOA two years ago, but just for a night. This time we wanted to see the town.

We arrived the Friday before Labor Day, and after we set up we immediately wanted a place to eat, so we went to the first and closest place we could find – Texas Roadhouse.

Then on Saturday, we went to Around the Block quilt shop and drove over to see Frontier Days Arena. We wound up going through the Old West Museum, and after that we wanted to see the Capitol. As we drove downtown, we went by the Wyoming State Museum, and since it was open, we went on a tour. Afterwards, we had a late lunch / early dinner at a darling little Italian restaurant, Napoli’s.

These pictures are from the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum,

These photos are from the Wyoming State Museum. Elizabeth solved their challenge to find an object and we won souvenir coins.

The RV park has a cute little place for the K9s. When we were here before, the place was packed with bunny rabbits. Since it was so crowded, the bunnies all hid, but I had promised Pepper we’d find one! We also played several rounds of golf.

On our next day, we went to the Cheyenne Depot Museum and the Depot Plaza. Brunch was Red Lobster – and we also stopped by Sierra Trading Post.

As usual, ElizaBeth took several good pictures on the drive into and around town. I grilled a steak for Labor Day and your then hid a rock before we left. Pat told us to go through Medicine Bow to see the Virginian Hotel.

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