Camp Verde and the Frontier Times Museum in Bandera

When we went on the Shop Hop at the RV Quilters Retreat, we liked Bandera and wanted to go back.

The Frontier Times Museum was our first stop on our loop. We really enjoy these little museums, it seems so many towns have them – someone or several someones get the idea and keep it going.

Museum founder and luminary, J. Marvin Hunter, Sr., never said no to a gift to the museum’s collection.  He felt that if the artifact was important to the donor, then it should be important to everyone.  This resulted in the museum’s eclectic and eccentric collection that has amazed visitors for 80 years. 

The Museum J. Marvin Hunter Built

Then we stopped by Camp Verde General Store for lunch, Camp Verde was the site of the great camel experiment in 1854.

In 1854, Secretary of War Jefferson Davis (who later became President of the Confederacy) petitioned Congress to appropriate $30,000 for the Army to experiment with using camels for supply transport and other military purposes….

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