Bandera TX – The Heart of Hill Country and the Medina River

November 14, 2020 to
November 17, 2020


Riverside RV Resort
Bandera, TX

We went over 10,000 miles traveled in the RV since retirement as we went to Bandera. This is from our photo file, of course, some of these are from APPA trips to the East Coast. We’ve been blessed to be able to see quite a bit of this great country.

The RV Park was right on the Medina River. The level was down – it is that time of year, after all – but Elizabeth was able to again take some great pictures of the river and of the courthouse.

We had to honor the area with a little barbecue. Of course, we had some Tex Mex as well. It seems as if barbecue joints always hanging old license plates.

We took a trip to the Bandera Natural History Museum. Juan Carlos Infante, Founder, and Chairman Emeritus donated his collection to get the museum started. According to their website –

The spark that ignited the campaign to build the Bandera Natural History Museum began with Juan Carlos lnfante’s vision to create a place for all people, regardless of age or special needs, to experience and learn about the world’s amazing wildlife. A Board of Directors was formed in 2011 with the mission of establishing and operating a museum for educational and charitable purposes in the name of Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum. By early 2015, property had been acquired within the city of Bandera and construction began for 14,000 sq. ft. building. In that same year, the Board changed its name from Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum to Bandera National History Museum to more accurately reflect the broader scope of our display and our education mission.

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