Back to North Texas, KOA, and some grandkids

May 13, 2020 to
June 02, 2020


Sanger KOA
Sanger, TX

Wagon Master – our favorite stop – was full and but we got a spot at the KOA another mile up the road from Julia.

On the way into Waco, we ran into a very heavy, windblown rain. The next morning, the GFI circuit breaker on the inverter tripped, as there were a couple of small water drops that were running down inside that landed right on the outlet. The inverter is stashed away in the bowels of the bay under the water tank, and that GFI outlet also back-feeds the TV circuits. I dried the outside of the outlet and put that piece of duck tape across the front, but the GFI still wouldn’t reset when we got to Sanger. The outlet finally dried out and reset later than evening – just in time to see who won “Survivor.” The outlets now have childproof covers to prevent a recurrence.

This KOA is full of little Killdeer, down at Pepper’s level. He’s a sucker for the limping and broken wing.

McLain’s RV is building a large service facility in front, this will be a fantastic complex when it’s finished.

We took a drive-through side trip to Texas Woman’s University, in 1998 our crews restored these greenhouses to their 1930’s condition. The popular area is used as receptions for weddings in the Little Chapel in the Woods. ElizaBeth got several grandkids visits in, but I couldn’t get mine worked out with Pat.

We had 8″ of rain while we were here, this little frog decided to look for a dry place.’

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