Athens TX, and the Game Warden Museum

May 19, 2022 to
May 22, 2022


Lake Athens Marina and RV Park
Athens, TX

The Navigator chose Athens TX to visit the Game Warden Museum. This park and town were a “win”..!

Our first order of business was the Texas Game Warden Museum, discovered the museum was inside the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, which was right behind the park. My favorite was the little pitcher plant that eats bugs.

We had a great date lunch at Braum’s followed by a trip to the quilt shop. Then we explored the town. We always get a courthouse picture!

We went to breakfast at Whataburger and were ducked! We had dinner at the park’s Boathouse Grill, and dinner was wonderful, I had wagyu steak that was really good.

We left two rocks in the park, saw a deer, and just had an overall nice visit.

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