Amarillo again!

July 19 to
July 21, 2021


Oasis RV Park
Amarillo, TX
Potter County

This visit was our 4th stop in this park, but it’s well run – and has a hot tub! Not only that, it’s easy in and out with enough space to hook up in the site.

After seeing the painted horses in Wichita Falls, we quickly noticed more in Amarillo. It looks like they had the idea first, not surprisingly since the AQHA Headquarters and Museum is located there. This is from their website:

Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse

A project of Center City of Amarillo, Inc.

American Quarter Horse Association, Title Sponsor

  • Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse project began in 2002 to raise funds for Center City of Amarillo and promote art in public places.
  • The American Quarter Horse Association is the title sponsor for the project. AQHA purchased the first 20 horses to start the project.
  • More than 100 horses have been placed throughout Amarillo since 2002.
  • Each horse is painted by a local artist, who receives an honorarium for the artistic work.
  • The horses are an exact replica of a full-size Quarter Horse. The fiberglass statues weigh approximately 125 pounds.
  • Businesses and individuals can purchase a horse at a cost of $4,000, which includes the completed fiberglass horse, the artist’s fee, a concrete slab and a plaque recognizing the name of the artist and owner.
  • Center City matches the buyer with an artist to create a design for the horse. Average time to create a Hoof Prints Quarter Horse from start to finish is from three to six months.
  • After installation, the horse becomes the property and responsibility of the business owner.

We only got pictures of three of the painted equines.

We had dinner at Saltgrass – like last trip – and the next day we made it to the Texas Air and Space Museum at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. Husband was the pilot of the Columba when it disintegrated over Texas on re-entry in 2003.

Needless to say, we enjoyed the dog park.

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