About Glen and Elizabeth

We retired in 2019 or at least perhaps more accurately, stopped working at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces where Glen was the associate vice-president for Facilities and Services and ElizaBeth did the medical billing in Athletics.

The definition is:


Wikidiff says that itinerant differs from nomad:


Yup, this is us.

We are very familiar with camping, campgrounds, and RV Parks and the generally accepted rules and operation of each. We do not smoke or drink, use foul language (not much, anyway), and we keep our area neat and clean. Izzy the border collie, Sugar the terrier/poodle mix, and Pepper the Chihuahua are quiet and well behaved.

4 Replies to “About Glen and Elizabeth”

  1. Hello, I was curious if you really had a ghaubold.com. Safe travels (all the time). I wish you both and the pups a wonderful future and refreshing adventure. Hope to see you again. Do stop in when you have time to travel by.

  2. Lee & I are sending prayers (and our church too, you are on the prayer chain Glen). Hope you are settled in and treatment is going smoothly. They are good doctors down there so we’re sure you’re getting the best treatment possible 🙂

    Do you have a physical address? Or should I just send our Holiday Greetings by attaching to an email? Or this? Not sure I want our letter published for all to see LOL, not that anyone would care.

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