3010 Nottingham Dr | June 2023

May 28, 2023 to
July 1, 2023


Idiot Hill
Denton TX

We’re in Denton through the month of June, when we head out again.

It’s summer…and hot, with thunderstorms! The k9s are doing what they do best.

I had a chance to teach a Supervisor’s Toolkit in Tallahassee, FL, and to go to Southeast New Mexico College in Carlsbad NM for a board meeting. The hotel in Tallahassee has an agreement with the local shelter, this little girl was there for a possible adoption and reminded me of Lacey.

We celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I got a fondue dish, Stephanie took us to breakfast, and then we had fondue. Those spoons are on the wall at Starwood Cafe.

Mostly I got the RV ready to go back out!

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