Cape Girardeau MO and SEMO, with Angie and Angela

April 22 to
April 26, 2021


Landing Point RV Park
Cape Girardeau MO

In geography, a cape is a headland or a promontory extending into a body of water, usually the sea. The “Cape” in the city name Cape Girardeau referred to a rock promontory overlooking the Mississippi River that was later destroyed by railroad construction. As early as 1765, this bend in the Mississippi River, was known as the “Cape.”

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Jonesboro AR, Lake Frierson State Park, with David and Jada

April 18 to
April 22, 2021


Lake Frierson State Park
Jonesboro AR

Lake Frierson State Park was a small state with 6 RV spots, but had the friendliest park staff we have met! It was a little early in the season and cold, but it was beautiful place right in the outskirts of Jonesboro.

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Duck Duck Jeep

When we were in Bullard TX, we went to Tyler to eat at Texas Music City – and our Jeep was “ducked” by the 903 Jeep Club. It seems that we couldn’t find a Jeep to share the fun with after that, but we finally located one in Atlanta TX. I snuck up on the target in the Walmart parking lot, no one was around so I put our duck on their door handle – and the owner was watching me from the front, about ready to call the local Police. We had so much fun we bought ducks and tags to leave on other Jeeps as we travel.

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Mission Tejas State Park in Grapeland and Crockett TX

April 6 to
April 9, 2021


Mission Tejas State Park
Grapeland, TX
Houston County

We found a beautiful but small spot in Mission Tejas State Park, ElizaBeth did a great job of guiding me in with only two attempts. The park was located in Weches until the post office closed, now the address is Grapeland. Crockett is the nearest town.

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