North Platte NE, Buffalo Bill, and h20 h20 Everywhere

July 13, 2019 to July 14, 2019


Holiday RV Park
North Platte, NE

Holiday RV Park turned out to be another really nice surprise.

The drive was gorgeous, although we saw evidence of flooding everywhere.

We were staying within walking distance of Buffalo Bill’s Fort Cody Trading Post. Naturally, we had to go. My NMSU friends might enjoy the Mother Hubbard saddle.

It was also time for date night at Penny’s Diner.

Finally – we loved this dinosaur, the old Sinclair promotion.

3 Replies to “North Platte NE, Buffalo Bill, and h20 h20 Everywhere”

  1. Hey this is so cool! I am bookmarking it! When you come back to Kearney, we’ll take you to several great places, so plan at least 2 days!!
    –Patty McQueen

  2. Minden has a museum it will take you most of the day to visit. Then there is the Arch in Kearney that you took a pic of. We also have a couple more museums in town. And of course I know you want a tour of UNK. Maybe you should make that 3 days…we have to eat and sleep too. LOL

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