The Whatnot Dilemma

May 18 to April 2, 2019


Hacienda RV Park,
Las Cruces, NM

ElizaBeth had the great idea to rent a spot at Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruces and then start shuttling supplies from the house to the motor home. We settled on a step-by-step process that consisted of driving a loop: triage the items at the house and drop some off to Goodwill. Deliver the rest of the load of “good stuff” to the motor home to see if it would fit. If there was no space in the motor home, the article then went to Goodwill on the way back. Repeat. Frequently, things that had already been loaded in the RV were pulled and replaced with more important items. Just as with corrective maintenance at work, it’s not about what you need, because it is all-important; it’s more about what you want most. Priorities.

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