Alpine, TX – the beginning of an adventure

I have been privileged to serve as the Associate Vice-President for Facilities at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces for the last ten years and am planning to retire this spring. ElizaBeth and I plan to live and travel full time in our 30-foot Itasca Sunstar RV, at least until we have visited all 58 national parks, every state fair, or when we get ready to do something else – whichever comes first.

I like to write and want to try a novel set in higher education. It will have to be fiction since nobody would believe what really goes on. After working in facilities management since I was 16, I have done every job there is from cleaning to high voltage electrical switching and am pretty handy. I may submit some articles on RV repairs and maintenance. We have been able to complete some consulting jobs for other institutions and would like to get a few more customers. Advancing my limited knowledge in fly fishing is on the agenda, but mostly we just want to take it easy.

We have been relaxing in the RV over long weekends and took sort of shakedown cruise over the Winter Break, spending Christmas at Alpine, TX. We fried a turkey, read books, and to paraphrase Hollywood Henderson, mostly didn’t do anything and didn’t start that until after lunch.

I have had this website for years, and this past week moved relocated to a different host and WordPress. I would love to have you join us as we start our new adventure.

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